Relax, You are living in a dream world. You are spellbound. You are with your near and dear ones. You are alone. You are feeling the bonding grow stronger and stronger. Wake up!!! There are no TVs, only log huts, but you are still feeling the effects of the dream. A daughter, being cheered on by dad, as she climbs a rock. A mother feeling great as she takes on the stream with nimble foot, accompanied by the son. The stream beckons you to wet your feet. May be, even jump in. A camp fire becomes the discussion ground allowing you to express yourself. The Jungles, a trekking experience. Orchards are of course a place where you can see the PEACHES grow red under the watchful eye of the sun. The birds your co conspirators, as they take there share of the fruits. And before you know the time is over... And the dream still lives on... making you want to come back to the PEACH VALLEY.. again .. and again and again.

Camp Peach Valley
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