rockclimbing» Rock Climbing
Rock. Defined as pieces of mud fused together under pressure. When they are big... Bigger then you.. Then you need some experience in climbing them. But when they are smaller then you.. you can always step over them. Still it would be known as rock climbing.. And if our expert is in a bad mood and picks a rock to climb no bigger then your finger nail... Well pick it up.. put it in your pocket and tell.. him to go climb it.
Rappling» Rappelling
Coming down from a 40 feet high rock and that too inclined at 90 degrees is fun for you but believing us it's a chill to your spine. Give our experts a run for their money. Learn from them. Beat them. After all its just going down on a rope.
Trekking» Trekking
Defined as a fun filled adventure for the young and mature alike. Get your lunch packed. Go deep into the woods. Dun forget to take our friendly guide along.
River Crossing» River Crossing
An adventure for the uninitiated. An adventure for the slightly advanced people. BUT a real adventure when you have to pull yourself up back again. There are more but.. you need to call us... We will enthrall you with the stories and.. more.. And that is where the adventure begin.. right after the evening drink around the campfires.
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