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Camp Peach Valley Provides training in the areas of team-building, communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and confidence-building. We use the outdoors to illustrate the need for such skills and the opportunity to practice them, with the added advantage of sitting back and enjoying nature's bounty around, without the stresses of everyday work life. These programs are designed for learning through play we remember best the skills we've gained while we are having "fun". We also learn best the skills that we're in NEED of ..and what better situation of 'felt need' than when you're hanging from a 30 feet wall with just ropes to support! Our programs offer wilderness environment as the classroom. Here daily living is basic, and consequences for actions speak loudly for them selves. Teams participate in a number of activities from rock climbing to stream crossing and river traverse. And of course we create time to savor the beauty and refreshment that Rajgarh Forests and Orchards have to offer. For your requirement, we also organize outdoor learning experiences at your premises.
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